The Specialty Recruitment Office at the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) have coordinated recruitment to core medical training since 2008. In that time the process has grown to incorporate all four UK nations and acute care common stem (acute medicine).

The intention was to introduce a process which was fair, effective, strong, robust, transparent, and efficient.

We believe that such a system has been created and introduced with very positive feedback received each year by the from all stakeholders - candidates, clinicians and the four nations.

The JRCPTB intend to continue working to deliver a high quality and robust recruitment process in future years, providing an excellent service to all stakeholders and helping to improve patient care by ensuring the standards required of new trainees.

The Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board

What we do

Setting and reviewing curricula and assessment standards as required by the GMC

With assistance and input from each of the specialist advisory committees (SACs) the JRCPTB sets and reviews the 30+ CMT, specialty and sub-specialty curricula incorporating lay, service and professional perspectives, leadership competencies and health inequalities.  We have since continued with an ongoing programme to develop curricula and assessment systems, working to the GMC's timetable for ‘minor' and ‘major' changes.

Supporting trainees in their progress through training to certification

This involves monitoring individual trainees' progress through specialist training, providing expertise and advice as required for trainees and their supervisors, and to make recommendations for the award of Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and Certificate confirming Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) via the combined programme pathway.

We provide every trainee with access to our ePortfolio enabling them to record evidence of their experience, competences and courses for their entire medical training period. We are committed to a programme of ePortfolio development and improvement to ensure that it meets the current and future needs of both trainees and their supervisors. 

Find out more about what our training and certification team does.

Working with the GMC and deaneries/LETBs to drive improvement in the quality management of core medical training and specialty training

In accordance with the GMC Quality Assurance framework (link is external) we: 

  • Develop efficient processes, working with the Postgraduate Deans and College representatives locally, for Quality Management ensuring delivery of physician training as stipulated in curricula and assessment strategy.
  • Operate the agreed processes, gathering relevant routine data, assisting the SACs with the production of annual reports which are submitted to the GMC

For more information visit our quality management pages.