CT1 Recruitment website updated for 2018

The CT1 website has just had an update of information to be relevant to 2018 recruitment. Additionally, we have published the Applicants’ Guide for round 1, which can be downloaded... more

Developments in medical training

A new internal medicine (IM) curriculum has been developed in response to Shape of Training and other drivers. The IM stage 1 curriculum has been submitted to the GMC and an... more

Further developments to CT1 Recruitment in 2018

Following our previous news item about a major change to CT1 Recruitment in 2018, there has been a further development which particularly affects those who are considering CT1 level posts in... more

Leadership and management application scoring area

A new point scoring section for leadership and management has been added to the application form for 2018. Details of the options, points that can be scored and guidance on what can be... more

Major change to CT1 Recruitment in 2018

Round 1 of 2018 recruitment for CT1 level posts in core medical training and ACCS acute medicine will see a major change to the regions for which candidates will be in contention during the... more