Round 2 adverts & guidance published

Advertisements for the two CT1-level programmes coordinated within the JRCPTB recruitment process (ACCS-AM and CMT) are now live on the NHS Jobs website.

We have added some information on this to the CT1 adverts page of this website; in addition, the two adverts can be viewed online at NHS Jobs at the links below:

(Please note - these adverts will only remain live while the application window is open, ie until Thursday 16 March 2017).

Additionally the round 2 addendum to the applicants' guide from round 1 has now been published and is available from the document library of this website.

This addendum highlights the differences in how round 2 is conducted compared to round 1, and should be used in conjunction with the applicants' guide from round 1 and the information throughout this website.

Please note that in some cases information on the website applies to round 1, eg where dates are noted, but the majority applies equally to round 2. If you have any questions at any time please contact the CT1 helpdesk: