Major change to CT1 Recruitment in 2018

Round 1 of 2018 recruitment for CT1 level posts in core medical training and ACCS acute medicine will see a major change to the regions for which candidates will be in contention during the process. 

Rather than apply to a specific region at time of application, there will be two choices:

  • England, Northern Ireland and Wales
  • Scotland

Once shortlisting is complete, candidates will be in contention for any of the programmes within their allocated choice; although it is anticipated that 100% of candidates will be allocated to their first choice.

You can choose to be interviewed at any centre within the nation/s covered by your choice with slots allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Scores from all centres within that choice are combined into a national ranking list so where you are interviewed makes no difference to your ability to be considered at any region within that choice. There will still be a period of national clearing so that candidates from Scotland can be considered for unfilled posts from the other nations and vice versa.

This website will be fully updated for 2018 recruitment in early October and will detail how the process will work; an applicants’ guide, overviewing the process, will also be released around that time. Please bear with us whilst we are updating information but if you have any queries which cannot wait you can always email:

Please note that the selection methods will be largely unchanged in terms of both the interview and application scoring; although there will be an additional domain for leadership and management this year.