The 'eligibility' section of the CT1 person specifications states that candidates must either be employed currently in a UKFPO approved foundation programme; or have a minimum of 12 months' experience after full GMC registration or equivalent in line with GMC standards / Good Medical Practice.

The experience must be gained by the advertised post start so it is possible to apply on the basis that you will have gained the experience by that time. This means that by August 2017, candidates must have at least 24 months experience working as doctor to be eligible (12 months pre-registration and 12 months post-registration).

Current UK foundation trainees

If you are applying to CT1 while currently on the second year (FY2) of a UK/UKFPO-affiliated foundation training programme, you should be on track to have the minimum experience by the start date of posts.

Other applicants

If you are not currently employed in UK foundation training, you will be required to demonstrate you have gained, or are able to gain, the minimum of 24 months' experience prior to the intended CT1 start date (ie August 2017).

Main points to note:

  • Any country - experience worldwide can count towards the 24 months.
  • Any 'specialty' - experience in all specialties/programmes counts (provided this is postgraduate working/training), irrespective of whether this is a training programme (eg foundation in the UK), medical specialty, general practice, psychiatry, etc. 
  • GMC registration - as part of your 24 months, you must have at least 12 months' experience after eligibility for full GMC registration. Candidates who qualified outside the UK can take this to mean 12 experience after their eligibility for full registration with their equivalent of the GMC; you do not necessarily have to have worked for 12 months after full GMC registration in the UK.
  • Pre-registration year as part of medical degree - unlike the UK, in some countries the pre-registration year takes place prior to graduation from medical school. In this case, this year would normally count as the first 12 months, after which you become fully registered with the equivalent of the GMC in that country, and so another 12 months experience after this is required.