Once short-listing is complete regions will begin inviting candidates to interview. As soon as interview slots are released for booking, you will be sent an email notification. Please be aware that upon receiving an invitation to interview, there will be a stated deadline by which you must book your interview slot, otherwise the invitation will be withdrawn.

Each region holds its own interviews on particular dates; these dates are published to the dates & posts page.

The speed with which invitations are sent can vary. Not all regions will circulate invitations at the same time. However, where possible, all candidates will be given a minimum of seven days' notice before their interview date. Whilst waiting for your invitation, if you have been notified you have been short-listed, you can assume that you will receive an invitation from your short-listed region.

Candidates who are not initially short-listed will be allocated if possible should higher ranking candidates not take up their invitation. In this case the invitation may be sent at shorter notice.

Once you have received your invitation to interview, you will be able to book into an interview slot via the the Oriel system.

Upon logging in you will be able to access the remaining vacant timeslots to make your choice. Slots are allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis so be aware that your preferred date/time might not be available. It is possible to change a booking to another vacant slot at any point up until the booking deadline should need arise.

Once you book a slot, you will receive an email confirming your booking and will be able to see in your Oriel account details of your booking.

If you encounter any difficulty booking your interview, contact the region at which you are trying to book your interview as soon as possible before the deadline.

In the event you are not able to attend your interview at the scheduled date/time, you should cancel the booking via Oriel as soon as you are aware of this. If you no longer wish your application to be considered, you should also withdraw your application, again via Oriel.

This may allow your interview place to be offered to another candidate.