CT1 clearing

As the main CT1 recruitment round 1 draws to a close, around March/April 2017, a period of national 'clearing' will be introduced.

Some regions will have filled all available post vacancies, and will still have reserve lists of eligible & appointable candidates who are keen to gain a post; at the same time, other regions will still have post vacancies available, but will have exhausted their list of prospective candidates.

Because of this, the clearing process allows candidate applications to be transferred between regions to allow further posts to be filled.

How does this work?

All regions will inform us of post vacancies remaining available nationally. Our office will then contact all applicants assessed to be both eligible and appointable for CT1, to notify them of all remaining post vacancies, and invite them to participate in clearing.

Participating candidates will be invited to put all remaining vacancies (nationally) into preference order; and clearing can then begin. Offers will then be made, in order of the total assessment score awarded in the main round.

Who qualifies for clearing?

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • have applied and been interviewed in the main recruitment round
  • have been passed as eligible for CT1
  • have been assessed as appointable for a CT1 post at their interview
  • not have received a CT1 offer in the main round.

Will I need to re-apply or be re-assessed?

No; your assessment from the main round 1 will be used.

When does clearing start?

The final offers deadline for round 1 - beyond which regions will cease making offers directly - is Friday 17 March 2017 (5pm, UK time).

After this - likely from Monday 20 March 2017 onwards - clearing will proceed.

This will then continue until either no more posts can be offered to candidates, or no candidates remain in contention for the available posts.