Beyond 2018 recruitment

Recruitment to ACCS-AM/CMT CT1 has been very similar from year to year. This means that the timetable, eligibility rules and general process for future years are likely to be broadly the same as in 2018.

This means that if you are planning to apply in a subsequent year, you can use the person specification and the guidance provided on this website as a good guide for what to expect. Whilst it can never be guaranteed that things will not change, any changes are usually comparatively minor.

The website is updated for future years approximately a month before applications open for that year so you can check back at that time, however, significant changes will be noted in our news section.

Developments in medical training

A new internal medicine (IM) curriculum has been developed, and is due to replace the current core medical training (CMT) from August 2019.  At this stage it is expected that the recruitment process will remain broadly the same as in 2018.

For further information please see the news item on developments in medical training.