On the whole round 2 runs very similarly to round 1. 

Regions will make available any CT1 posts in ACCS-AM/CMT programmes which were either not filled in round 1 or have become available subsequent to round 1. Programmes available in round 2 will also have a start date of 1 August 2018

The main difference is that there will be substantially fewer programmes available and interviews will take place across fewer centres than in round 1. Fill rates from previous years, which are published in the document library, give an indication of potential vacancy numbers.

This website will be updated with round 2 specific information on the Round 2 tab of the dates & posts page as it becomes available. In addition the FAQs area contains a section on round 2 with further guidance on common questions.

Round 2 schedule

To allow two full rounds to take place, it is necessary for some overlap in the timelines between late round 1 and round 2.

The two rounds are independent, so that even if your application in round 1 is still 'active' (ie has not been withdrawn, been rejected, or progressed to an offer) at the time round 2 opens, there is no problem with starting a round 2 application whilst waiting for the outcome of round 1.

Your round 1 application will remain active and will be entirely unaffected by a round 2 application (and vice versa).