Throughout this website and all accompanying documentation, we will refer to all bodies across the UK to which candidates apply for places on CT1 programmes as regions. This is for simplicity because there is variation in the terms for these organisations.


Until recently, NHS postgraduate medical training was coordinated and managed by regional organisations known as deaneries.

As of 2013, within England, deaneries were replaced by Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs), the coverage and service of which is mostly similar to that of deaneries.

Recruitment to English regions largely runs along LETB lines. The notable exception is in London where there are three LETBs but recruitment is handled jointly by 'London Recruitment'.

Devolved nations

Outside of England, alternative bodies are in place to organise medical education and training.

In Northern Ireland, this is handled by the Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA).

In Scotland, the equivalent body is NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

While in Wales, this is the Wales Deanery (School of Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education).